Rock, Pop, Hip-hop are the pure essences of Hypsign. This band composed of two multi-instrumentalists redefined the modern rock sounds in a way that you’ve never heard before. The heart felt and rebel lyrics are brought to life by the singer, guitarist and songwriter Anthony Gasser. By his side Lionel Varrin complete the sounds with his bass and keyboards skills after producing it to perfection to make it sounds as huge as possible. 

This Music inspired By Machine Gun Kelly, Bring Me The Horizon and Twenty One Pilots is thought to make people jump, dance and sing to live a moment of ecstasy in time of need.

The future of rock is now. Join them…

On December 17 2021 they released their first EP called “Voices”. Delivering great anthems with a huge sound, this EP is the anchor point in Hypsign’s universe. The mix between Rock and Hip-hop is created to bring a big sound on stage with some great pop anthems carried by introspective, sincere and rebel lyrics.

Not Coming Home, released on November 25 2022, is the first single from the band’s debut album, which will be released in may 2023.

The track redefines the band’s identity as they take more of a pop approach, a sound that aligns with the genre’s leading figures such as Machine Gun Kelly. An incisive and energetic sound, melodies that won’t leave your minds and powerful guitars that will make rock fans smile.

Hypsign - Not Coming Home (Single)

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31.07.21 : Duke’s bar in Lausanne (VD)

11-12-13.08.2021 : Résidence in Co2 à Bulle (FR)

20.08.21 : Festi’Monch in Montcherand (VD)

08.04.22 : Barakason In Thônex (GE)

22.04.22 : MonVinyl in Lausanne (VD)

23.04.22 : Festi’Monch in Montcherand (VD)

05.05.22 : D!Club in Lausanne (VD)

20.05.22 : Les Rencontres Musicales in Thônex (GE)




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