Sea Gets Hotter (Remix)

Jay Derson is a House, Tech house and electronic music producer from Switzerland.

Jay Derson has refined his craft and sound, started collaborating with Route 108 and Swiss Artists Productions and is now releasing tracks and remixes on YouTube, Soundcloud and all platforms.

Jay Derson came across “Sea Gets Hotter” by Durand Jones & The Indications while surfing the internet for new songs to remix. He fell in the love with this production. Every single sound inspired him and he quickly gave an electronic house vibe to this beautifully soulful song.

Today, Jay Derson’s proposal is is to be granted access to the rights of the songs and release it officially as a remix. We would like how you feel about it and discuss the best way and conditions to make it happen. 

Music (private Link)


Management / Label
Route 108
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Mobile: +41 79 342 98 80


Route 108 is a subsidiary of Swiss Artists Productions