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Not for you is my first single.
EP coming early 2020.


In two words…

About ME


This is no surprise to anyone because she really sings as she breathes. If she calls herself shy it is because of her sensitivity and her perfect spontaneity….

Yet as soon as she gets on stage, microphone in hand, she kicks ass! Her voice is soft, melodious, yet has a chest. Her style is R & B, soul and pop, with an ounce of jazz…

With the voice she has, it’s a bit obvious! On a personal level, Tricia Cordero is completing her last year of high school in social pedagogy. She likes to dance, laugh with her friends, write song lyrics and of course sing them in front of her fans! His models range from Rihanna to Beyoncé: we would have guessed it.

She now has a weakness for the youngest child in her secret garden: Jorja Smith!

Patrice Lefrançois –  Swiss Artists Productions



Looking forward to meeting you when you come to my show…


Label / Management /Publisher
Swiss Artists Productions
Chemin de la Chatanerie 5-7
1023 Crissier
+41 21 556 52 39